Self-taught director/editor Theo Gelernter (Theo Gee) never intended to be a film maker. 

He studied psychology at university in a vain attempt to try and make sense of people and why, for the most part, he wasn't very fond of them. But also because he was curious about why he kept dating girls who made porridge the same way his mum used to make. After realising he wasn't making headway in either of these pursuits, he turned to film making which seemed to be a natural progression.

Theo’s first short film “Amber” won Best Short Film at a festival no one has ever heard of, and critics hailed it as "a good try", "distinctly average" and "I'll never get those 20 minutes back". He hopes that people think his second short film is better.

After graduating, Theo cut his teeth at the (C)BBC working on their weekly music programme The Official Chart Show. Now, his music videos have been featured on platforms such as MTV and Kerrang! as well as being selected for the Shiny Awards. His most recent video for The Fratellis also reached No.1 on the itunes charts, so things seem to be heading in a better direction.

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